So Much News!!

School and after school activties have pretty much taken over my life so i will not be posting as much as i usually do. heres whats been happening for the past couple days….

New KinzStyle Shop clothes

New Curio shop theme

Real life clothes



P.S. again really sorry


Fall Festival Annoucement

The fall festival was annouced today along with other things. also i apologize for the boringness of my header need to work on that!

On the Wheel of Wishes i won a wish token



Floral Fox Adoption

some one webkinz insider about a floral fox. really sorry i haven’t post and done alot school and soccer is taking all the little free time i have

i really love the item and food!



Hey its lime  i went shopping yesterday and my sister wanted to look at limited too so we went into the store and i headed straight for the sales cuz i saw a cute pair of shorts for 7 $ and then on this giant table next to it there for boxes full of webkinz figruines! and they only costs 2$ a piece my mom said we could each get one (2 for luna since i got the shorts)


hi guys its me! really really sorry i haven’t been on lately! taptap333 i’ll work on your header as soon as i can get on my computer that has all my header programs on it. i’ve been using my dads lately. the reason i haven’t been on recently is that i’ve just been trying to enjoy the last few days of freedom left on 2 more! not much going on it webkinz world. post something more interesting later!


I got a dinosaur. they are so soft! Luna got a crocodile thanks to me (i found it for her) ok heres how we got them. we were at a fair and there was this huge table stock piled with webkinz! they had the skunk and all the new ones. and they only cost 11.99 (4$ off where i live) so my mom lets us each get one. Anyways heres the news in webkinz world


Also is Ganz going to retire the “Pirate” theme to possibly make room for a new one?

notice four the themes items are for sale…


Hey people its limekinz more news in webkinz world

here’s the virtual pics and items for the September pets

Theres a new game called “Smoothie Moves” the same idea as Zuma

Also please watch the 2 videos on my side bar me and luna made these a while ago and i posted them but no one watched them so please watch and comment!